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Interactive Ad Design & Banners Ad Designs :

Banner Ads are the Web's equivalent of commercials. Banner advertising is a traditional form of website marketing used to both brand and generate traffic for websites and the companies they represent. Banner advertising is comprised of two elements. Banner ad placement - The positioning of the ad in the right website for your particular purpose based on traffic and target market Banner ad design - The ad iteself. A banner ad is a graphic, often animated, that is meant to 'jump out' and make the visitor take note of it and even click upon. Banners come in many shapes; rectangular (468 x 60), column size (sky scraper) or sweet spot sized 60 x 60 graphic are among the most popular banner sizes.

Banners Ad : They're the billboards of the Internet. In an interactive environment, people who see your banners can make a quick, no-obligation visit to your web site or learn more about your business with just a click. No other kind of advertising makes it so easy for consumers to respond to your message.

i2Eye Interactive has the team in place to not only design yesterdays banners, but tomorrows online ads that help give you the ROI you are looking for.From development of the campaign message through creative execution, i2Eye Interactive will deliver interactive ads that work.

i2Eye Interactive customize banner ads that fit your image and, at the same time, attract your customers because we know what makes people click. Properly designed banner ads work.

Basic 2 Tips for Banner Advertisement

How to choose a banner ads designer :
When selecting a banner ad design firm for your next online advertising campaign, there are a few simple ways to ensure you get good quality work. Work with a banner ad designer who matches your price point. In general, you will get what you pay for and the quality of the work will be proportional to the price you pay. Review samples of their work to see if their style matches what you are looking for. If you see a banner ad you like, ask for something similar. This helps a designer get a feel for what you like, without knowing anything about you. Work with a banner ad designer that gets back to you quickly. If they reply to your inquiries quickly, you can expect them to reply quickly in the future when you have additional questions.

How to get higher click through rates :
Place your banner ad in a good location above the fold of the page, meaning near the top 1/3 of the website. Target your potential clients. Targeted advertising is more expensive, but for a reason. Purchase online advertising space in an area targeted to your exact demographic. Use animation, but not to a point were it irritates the eye. Make the animation flow smoothly, as choppy animation scares the mouse pointer away. Use clear and concise messaging. You have a limited amount of space within your banner ad, do not waste it with a books worth of text. Get your message across quickly and make sure you tell the user exactly what you want them to do. Offer something of value. If your product is not of value to someone, why would they want to click on your banner ad? Higher click through rates will be achieved if you offer a product or service that people actually want. Use a strong call to action. Tell the user to click on your ad, or to rollover to see more, or to enter their information. Do not assume that they will know to do that. 

Contact i2Eye Interactive to learn how we can develop effective compelling interactive Ad Design / Banners Ad Designs and creative within your budget.
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